Last night, the unthinkable happened at Shea Stadium. No, I’m not talking about Chan Ho Park being allowed a start. Enough about that already.

No, I’m talking about what happened in the stands. David Wright actually got booed by Mets fans after taking an 0-for-5 collar. The snapping point had finally been reached; for Mike Piazza, it took maybe two weeks after his arrival in 1998 for the lip-pursers to pucker up and blow in response to a slow start, but The David engendered a far more exalted sort of worship from Mets fans than even our beloved Mikey, and thus the puckering masses gave him an entire month before hitting him with those long O’s. Such generosity of spirit!

I don’t like the idea of booing home players. Not unless they blind 2-year-old girls with firecrackers and laugh about it afterwards. That’s different. I don’t want unfeeling sociopaths besmirching the uniform I love, and you can boo those guys all you want and twice on Sunday, even when there’s no doubleheader. You can even boo them while they’re buying milk at XtraMart, it’s fine with me, although I’m sure guys like that would never stoop to buying their own milk.

But even booing Chan Ho Park, I thought, was borderline, even though he was terrible and I wrote a whole damn post about just how terrible he was. You see, Chan Ho Park will never read this, and if by some bizarre fluke he ever does, it will have been his own choice to torture himself with my opinions of his, um, talent.

But in the ballpark — y’know, his workplace? — he can’t escape it. And it’s not going to make him pitch better to hear the long O’s. You think he’s never heard them before? Don’t count on it. If you boo, you are not helping.

I say this, and yet tonight David Wright, following last night’s lip-lashing, appeared to be a changed man, or at least a changed bat. In his 92nd at-bat of the season, he hit his first dinger of the year, and added a double and a single, and you could see sweet relief in this young man’s dark eyes as he toweled off in the dugout. Plenty of it in the stands, too. He’s BACK! The monster is out of the cage!

Coincidence? Or did the booing actually trigger something in The David? Protracted slumps by gifted players are weird, weird things. Keith Hernandez, in his autobiography If at First…, said he once busted a lengthy drought by getting skunkfaced drunk. I remember joking to BF that Wright might want to consider dropping acid before showing up at the park. Who knows, maybe he did all that and more. Maybe he even did the deed with a woman who looks alarmingly like me, anything is possible. (Don’t get me started on the whole “slumpbusting” issue, though. Bottom line, my theory is that if you can get all rocklike with someone, you dig them, regardless of what you might protest to the contrary.)

Maybe it wasn’t any of that. Maybe he wore nice new underwear, or he wore dirty holey underwear or no underwear at all or maybe a nice pair of mint-green girlie panties with “Thursday” written on them even though it’s Tuesday. Maybe he shoved chewable vitamin C up his nose and danced the hoochie-coo. Maybe Wade Boggs showed him how to fry chicken. And all of that just happened to coincide with his being booed on Monday.

I sure hope so. I’d hate for this to start a trend.