The roots of the name of this blog go back to original Mets manager Casey Stengel, then a mere 73 years of age, who in a 1963 interview said the following:

“We got ‘em from the babies up. As soon as the kid can talk, he’s taught to say ‘Metsie! Metsie!’ Not papa, not mama, ‘Metsie! Metsie! Metsie!’ So that’s what they are. They’re now singin’ the kids ‘Metsie! Metsie! Metsie!’, see, when they want food and everything. So the babies are even starting. We got ‘em from four years on, we got ‘em from ten years on, fifteen years on, eighteen years on. And we got ‘em in a group!”

I know it worked for me.

(N.B. to anyone who has never heard Stengel speak: Imagine a rusty doorhinge saying the above, with perhaps a coffegrinder whizzing away in the background, accompanied by a snoring nutria, and that might partially give you the idea.)