The concept of Metsochism is mine, all mine, mwahahahah. Okay, so maybe the idea fairies gave the same idea concurrently to other people, they tend to do that sometimes. But I did not cop it from any other person. It’s a term I’ve bandied about for at least a decade now.

I first delineated the concept of Metsochism in this post. But to save you a mouseclick, here’s the Hummer Summary:

When you are a Metsochist, all you have to remember are two things:
1. If the Mets win a series, or an individual Mets player does really really well, it’s some kind of fluke.
2. If the Mets lose a series, or an individual Mets player doesn’t do very well, it’s because the other team is better, or that player is and will forever be flaming Bandini.

Frankly, I’m not sure why it is that Mets fans have more of a tendency to wallow in this sort of ides-of-March-ness — even when the team is actually good — than, say, Yankees or Cardinals or Braves fans. I won’t claim that Mets fans have cornered the market on it completely — I’ve certainly seen Angels, Red Sox, Cubs and White Sox fans do likewise — but for Mets fans, it’s practically an art form. Perhaps the Mets just naturally attract the serotonin-deficient, for whatever reason.