Name: Andee
Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY
Current Location: Portland, OR (PDX)
Why I’m Doing This: I’ve lived up and down the West Coast and Southwest since 1989. But wherever I go, the blue and orange rules me. I’ve been the Only Mets Cap on the Bus day in and day out in L.A., S.F., Phoenix, Seattle, Bakersfield (Bakersfield — yes, that’s how you know I’m not kidding about all this), and now Portland. I’ve sat in and made my way down the ramps in ballparks countless nights where virtually everyone except me (and the Mets) went home happy because the home team won big. I’ve always thought one should write about what one can’t stop thinking about, and whenever I’ve tried to avoid the Mets, they’ve hunted me down and poured orange paint back into my brain, so I doubt it’s ever going away.

Besides, my friend Greg told me that as far as he knew — and he would know if anyone would — there were no other West Coast Mets blogs at the time I started doing this. I agreed with him that this was an omission well worth rectifying.